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Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Depression and an article about how to get rid of Depression

Depression is a more common term. Many people, from our youth to society, suffer from this disease called depression. The causes of the disease are different and different. For example, someone suffering with depression his own position or because of his failed relationship; there are more ways to get rid of depression. Below are the highlights:

1. Always prioritize yourself.

2. Try to be happy a little. Be content with what you have.

3. Keep the bus busy. Do the things you love to do?

4. Try to listen to all the songs that make you feel excited, increase the excitement.

5. Always think about something good. Immerse yourself in good deeds.

6. Never think alone. But keep in mind that it is better to be alone than in the sorority.

7. Remember that being good depends on you. So always try to keep yourself good.

8. Always stay out of the dark. Darkness makes us frustrated.

9. Don't expect too much from others to relieve your depression. The colors have to help themselves.

There are also thousands more ways to get rid of depression. You will only do things that will make you happy. How far you are from depression that is only depending on yourself.

Try to see if you cannot be very difficult at first, but never give up. It won't be today, try again tomorrow. See you overcome depression and be good to yourself.

Depression is one of the things that make people a dead body. Depression never goes away. Immediately after thinking that life would have been shattered I would have come across a problem like a breeze blowing it apart.

Depression or depression is not a jolt. We do not value human health as much as physical illness. Between 5 and 20 percent of people in Bangladesh suffer from some kind of mental illness.

You will not find people who are not depressed. Some people or some people are infected with the disease. So let's have time to stand beside people suffering from depression. Your little support can may change the life of a depressed person.

The way to learn something quickly

Today, again in the whole new Internet world you will find an article and a video in Bengali. The video was also written by me and the article was written by me. Then surely it is funny?

And these things are my own experiences. I've talked about my position.

If we think we can learn quickly while learning something, not all of us can, some people might, they have some new ways so they will learn early and find new ways like that today.

* Set one thing up -
First you must have to decide what you want to learn. If you do that, learn a little here and learn other things in another place, but you won't be able to learn this way, so a Permanent Goal needs to be set.

1. Attention should be given as much as possible while learning
The most important thing is this. By paying attention we can quickly understand anything. Whether it is studying and any other practical subject, you can quickly learn everything. Its a hundred years old tips and then its work is still 100%.

2. Trying to learn your own style.
Don't know how? Is not it? Each person has a different learning style. It is different from everyone. Following that method is learned quickly. For example - I have a style - when reading the big questions, I always start at the end and sometimes I start in the middle, so this is my style, and if I read this, I read it quickly. Maybe you have a style too, try searching. The style you always follow is your style.

3. Note down -
Make notes of things you didn't understand and things you didn't understand in your notes account. And try to write it down, even though it is old-fashioned, and its work is 100%. It is said, read 3 times and write 3 times. And I've seen it in my life, writing and memorizing it.

4. Try Memorizing Later -

Saturday, 19 October 2019

Why should be criticized, why should not?

What I will talk about today is that you will never criticize others. I know you all are amazing! If I see someone doing wrong in front of my eyes, should I not criticize?

In fact, we always like to criticize other people all the time, that guy is bad, that guy is totally nasty, that guy is talking shit all day, this guy just grumbles.

In fact, that is to say, that criticism must be done. There is no one above criticism. But it must be constructive criticism. And one of the most important things to say is because we all want me, you all want us to be popular with others soon. If you, if you want to become popular, the main condition is to stop criticizing others. We can easily see the mistakes of others but our own mistakes are not easily seen.

Do we find those faults, the gaps, the mistakes we make when we find ourselves in the midst of criticizing others or trying to find out? Never do so do not criticize! Of course, that must be constructive criticism.

Suppose the woman in your home who cooks for you every day. Whose food you go to Buffalo, back from the office whose food you live. One day the big hilsa fish for the woman was bought from the market and cooked for dinner. For some reason, after eating the rice and saw that the woman had lowered the salt in the hilsa, you shouted at her and abused her and said whatever she wanted.

Suppose that woman is your wife. That means grief, she will cry, there will be a moment of remorse. When he shares the hilarious fish with you, he will never be able to eat pleasure. If you are a human being, if you really have a human mind, tell me the truth.

Then what is the need to be angry with him?

Instead of highlighting his good qualities, say, the hilarious fish has been great today. You really have magic in your hand. But today, it would have been a lot more fun if the salty fish had a bit more salt in it. Give it some time. Do not see, he will once again face the fish salad what does he say to himself? He might say even louder than you that this dad did not have any salt in the fish curry?

Then you will tell him with a smile that the taste of cooking in your hand, even if it is low in salt, tastes very tasty. Let me tell you a story, the German army knows that no charges are taken or not taken immediately. It is said that you will not be charged now because your head is hot now you go home, cool your head and after 72 hours you will file your complaint. Believe me, after 72 hours, 100 percent of the complaints come down to 20 percent.

I think I have a quarrel with you today! Maybe you will shout loudly at me, abuse you, and maybe even kill you if you get your hands on your head in anger. By saying two things in a cold head, my mistakes showed me the diameter.

In our daily life, there will be offices, courts, roads, homes, small and small crime allegations everywhere. So if I can say constructive words without criticizing others then that is a lot better. That was for you, for me, for society, for all of us. A Chinese philosopher I was reading about a while ago, he was saying, what's the point of laughing at the dirt on the roof of a neighboring house; the door to your house might be dirtier than that. That's right. You raise your finger before pointing your finger at the other.

You know, criticism is a very human nature. To be criticized is to express one's own weakness. It is the identity of humanity to forgive the petty mistakes. You know, criticism is like a pigeon coming back home at the end of the day. He would fly around the sky all day and then return to his house in the evening. If you keep criticizing other people over and over again, make small mistakes, mistakes, wrongs, if you always criticize, chat, joke, and thus criticize others, try to be good to them. The flaw will look epic, it will look epic, and then people will see your small mistakes big.

By doing this you will be short of people and be ashamed of you. At one time, people will look at you badly. Revenge on revenge, if one takes eyes instead of eyes, one day the world will be as blind as it is.

So let us take an oath from today that we will not criticize anyone unjustly or unnecessarily. We are not going to criticize others in self-pity. The man we are criticizing has a good quality, which is not in you, me.

Let's not try to highlight that good quality. Because what we think about now, that is what tomorrow will think of our world. So what are people thinking, what are we thinking, what are you thinking, what are you thinking of people?

Tell me everything this comment is good or bad, counter argument somewhere, like it if you like, and please comment. With these things, how can I become more beautiful in this world again with the next numbers, the next days, the next ones?